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This website To Feel the Song of Seasons is hosting this temporary link to the Twitter publication of the novel "Overton U, Steeped in Pride” by the same author, Donell Lewis. All links on this page refer to the current website except for the single Twitter link included below.

“Overton U, Steeped in Pride” is a new novel by Donell Lewis, the author of “To Feel The Song Of Seasons”. Overton U is a full-length mystery whose main character, Victor Gragone, a federal operative assigned to a career in Higher-Ed, is tagged to become Provost of Overton U’s College of Criminal Justice in Memphis. The storyline is set in the post Obama financial era where Overton U is losing its longstanding covert federal funding to turn out topnotch PhD’s for the intelligence community, and to survive fiscally it finds itself complacent in accepting a grant from the Blaxton Foundation whose secret benefactors hold top-rank positions in the real government, the permanent bureaucracy. Murder, lust, travel, conspiracy, espionage, operatives, and who’s doing who and how, fills every chapter to its end – that’s Overton U, an old school that's Steeped in Pride.

Until it’s published you can read "Overton U" on twitter by searching for username “abookin140” or by following this link If you’re just beginning to read Overton U on Twitter be sure to click the “more” link at the bottom of each page and begin your reading at Chapter 1, found in posting 10007.


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