Dearest Friend, Unplanned

They left me wondering too if I could ever open my feelings beyond a low plateau.

But as fate you arrived in my life and brought new meaning inside me, a sense of worth re-awakened. Within the haunting of my mind you removed suspicion of motives that lay waiting to find fault in others. From you came a new worth, contentment unworthy of words, yet definable only by the measure of your presence.

I have far to go before I can let my feelings flow freely, and be candid from the heart. You have become my soul mate. And I? Alive in new feelings unexplored.

I understand that circumstances of life are so different for two such as we. Nevertheless, I will continue to seek a sense of perfection of spirit that will bond us for all time. I'm not playing folly with you; nor am I just flinging words to make me smile. Irrespective of our future worth as one, that may be.

Our friendship wasn't planned, nor was it someone's fault. I want you to know that I've watched you from a distance for a long time and had created hopes in my mind that someday we'd be friends. I had not anticipated the avalanche of feelings that came upon me as we opened the door to each other's being. I wasn't searching for a heart to love in you as friend, but was guided only by thought of self. A bit of selfishness though knowing that my paths in life are first, and will always be. We know that we can't change our chosen course but must remain faithful to life - yet fulfilled in each others souls entwined as friends, a real possibility.

I long to hold you forevermore.